We Rate the Sites that Review International Schools

   Accepting a contract to teach at an International School is a decision you’ll be staking your career on. This means it’s imperative that you only rely on a School Review site that delivers the honest truth about the International Schools they Review.

The question is: How do you know which sites you can trust to deliver the information you need to make informed, safe career choices?

As a group of seasoned International Educators, we’ve done the research for you. We unequivocally conclude that International Schools Review is the top review site.

On this page we share the exact criteria we used to make our decision. After all, you don’t want to trust your future to just any old web site.

Our Checklist for Rating School Review Web Sites



Honest Reviews top the list of what we looked for in a School Review site. Censored reviews that falsely portray everything as being fine and rosy will surely lead to disastrous career decisions.  If the comments on a review site seem too good to be true, they probably are!



We consider your privacy a priority. Look for School Review sites that guarantees your anonymity. Sites with photos and directories of their members expose teachers to repercussions from schools. Choose sites that protect your privacy.



Coherent paragraphs that offer in-depth analysis of schools and admin is our preferred method of reporting. Sites made up of disjointed comments, assembled under various topic headings send a misleading message. Think of that story of the ten blind men who each touched and described ‘an elephant.’



We looked for sites with a free public forum and/or blog where international educators can ask questions and exchange ideas. We feel this shows a commitment to community. Sites that make you pay to use their forum are probably just in it for the money. We prefer a site with a free forum/blog.



We consider it a conflict of interest if a site hosts a job board and/or recruitment ads from International Schools. We recommend you avoid such sites.



Navigating to the information you need should be just a click or two away. Sites cluttered with offers and gimmicks that get in your way are suspect. Look for a site that takes you to what you want in just a couple of clicks.

Our Top Pick!

Here’s What You Want in an International School Review Website:

• Honest Reviews
• Guaranteed anonymity
• Cohesive essay-style reporting
• Free public forum and/or blog
• No advertising or job boards
• Quick, easy navigation

International Schools Review

FYI: International Schools Review is the only International School Review site we found to be grounded in the principles of the International Educators’ Bill of Rights